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30 Brave Minutes

30 Brave Minutes

Have you listened to 30 Brave Minutes? It's a new podcast produced by the College of Arts & Sciences. A panel of distinguished guests from the college discusses a thought provoking topic. Check it out!  

Mysteries of the Human Body Podcast Participants

Mysteries of the Human Body

August 1, 2017

Panel: J. Porter Lillis (Sociology & Criminal Justice), Robert Poage (Biology), and  Eric Freeman.

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 Leadership Panel Photo


July 1, 2017

Panel: Brittany Bennett (Health Physical Education & Recreation), Dan Kenney (UNCP Chancellor's Office), Barry O'Brien (School of Business), Christie Poteet (Community & Civic Engagement), and Joe West (Political Science & Public Administration)

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 Social Work Panel

Social Work in Rural Areas

June 1, 2017

Panel: Dr. Yale Kodwo-Nyameazea, Mr. Joe Davis, and Dr. Summer Gainey (Social Work)

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 Crime and Punishment Panel Photo

Crime & Punishment

May 1, 2017

Panel: Mario Paparozzi, Renee Lamphere, Judith Paparozzi, and Robert McDonnell (Sociology & Criminal Justice)

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 Soil Panel Participants


April 3, 2017

Panel: Kaitlin Campbell (Biology), Deborah Hanmer (Biology), and Daren Nelson (Geology & Geography).

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 Creativity Podcast Participants


March 15, 2017

Panel: Jessica Pitchford (English, Theatre, & Foreign Languages), Carla Rokes (Art), Aaron Vandermeer (Music), Holden Hansen (English, Theatre, & Foreign Languages), and Terence Dollard (Mass Communication).

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 Trees on UNCP Campus

K-12 Education

February 15, 2017

Panel: Serina Cinnamon (History) and Naomi Lifschitz-Grant (Art).

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Holiday Podcast Panel

The Holiday Season

December 7, 2016

Panel: Siva Mandjiny (Chemistry & Physics), Jane Haladay (American Indian Studies), David Nikkel (Philosophy & Religion), Motti Inbari (Philosophy & Religion), and Michael Berntsen (English, Theatre & Foreign Languages).

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 Podcast on Elections Guests

Presidential Elections

November 22, 2016

Panel: Mark Thompson (History), Emily Neff-Sharum (Political Science & Public Administration), and Mary E. Sandell (Mass Communications).

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Healthcare Podcast participants

Future of Healthcare

October 27, 2016

Panel: Cherry Beasley (Nursing), Ben Bahr (Biology, Chemistry & Physics), Shilpa Regan (Psychology), and Chancellor Robin G. Cummings.

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Storytelling Panel


September 28, 2016

Panel: Ashley Allen (Psychology), Ryan Anderson (History), Mary Ann Jacobs (American Indian Studies), and Roger Ladd (English, Theatre and Foreign Languages).

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