Learning Communities

Chancellor with students

Learning Communities are groups of students with shared interest, major or career goals that attend classes and co-curricular events together. This supportive environment assist you in establishing relationships with faculty and staff, building friendships with fellow students and to achieve your academic and personal goals. 

UNC Pembroke offers seven unique Learning Communities with a wide range of topics. Learning Communities help new students connect to campus and ease their transition to UNC Pembroke.  UNC Pembroke is the place for you, no matter your interest.

  • The Maynor Honors College Living Learning Community*
  • Leadership Living Learning Community* 
  • Business Learning Community
  • Strengthening Our Ties: American Indian Learning Community 
  • Healthy Braves Learning Community
  • First Generation Learning Community 
  • Pre-Health Profession Learning Community 

If there is an asterisk, then the learning community is a residential community and you are required to live on campus. 

Application Process 

All first-year students are encourage to apply for a community that fits them. The deadline to apply is April 15, 2018. While the application process is competitive we strive to place all students interested in a Learning Community. Students will be notified by Mid-May if they are accepted into a community.

Apply Online Now

For general questions and information please contact Todd Allen, Assistant Director of New Student Programs at todd.allen@uncp.edu.

Healthy Brave Learning Community

The Health Brave LC is an opportunity for students interested in maintaining and improving their well-being through a holistic approach to living and learning. It incorporates activities that help students define and fulfill their personal needs and interests in various wellness dimensions, including intellectual, physical, emotional, relational, spiritual, vocational and environmental.


  • identify, understand and incorporate into their lifestyle a personal definition of wellness that integrates mind, body and spirit
  • understand the implact and ramifications of lifestyle choices both from a personal and community perspective 
  • take leadership roles and share the responsbility of planning, creating and engaging in learning community activities 
  • challenge themselves, through healthful living practices, to strive for wholeness and balance in their lives. 


  • participate in group data collection process utilizing monitoring technology (FitBit)
  • develop a personalized wellness plan 
  • participate in weekly group activitiy (Tuesday 4-5 p.m.)
  • Attend university sponsored events with the group to expand social engagement opportunities
  • take select classes with other first year Healthy Brave LC students

Connected Courses:

Fall: Freshmen Seminar 1000,  Wellness and Fitness
Spring: Principles of Health and Fitness Promotion, Physical Conditioning 

First Brave: First Generation Learning Community

First Brave: First Generation Learning Community provides an opportunity for first generation college students to receive the support they need to be successful at UNC Pembroke. This community provides academic resources, support and engaging social activities (on and off campus) to help students in their transition to UNC Pembroke. Students will be able to interact with first generation faculty and staff members.  

*You are a first generation student if neither parent graduated with a four year college degree.

Connected Courses:

Fall: Introduction to Sociology, Freshman Seminar 1000
Spring: Strategies for Success 

Pre-Health Professions Learning Community

The Pre-Health Professions Learning Community will help foster and provide an understanding of the pre-health professional curriculums and requirements for professional school programs, while promoting a sense of belonging for incoming pre – health professional students. We aim to promote a successful college lifestyle through shared curriculum, mentoring, tutoring, advising and extracurricular activities. Students will engage in professional networking activities and become members of the Health Careers Club.

 The Pre- Health Professions LC will:

  • provide mentorship from upper level juniors/seniors to help guide you through your academic career and give personal insight to student success and opportunities
  • expose students to professional school requirements
  • provide an opportunity for strategic academic and professional advisement
  • promote internship, certification, and research opportunities
  • leadership and scholarship opportunities
  • stimulate growth, understanding and experiences necessary to all Pre-Health Professional students
  • provide professional test exposure


  • develop strong study habits and skills
  • essential academic deportment, necessary of all Pre-Health Students
  • participate and become an active member in the Health Careers Club (HCC) meetings (Tuesdays 4 – 5 p.m.)
  • attend service and outreach sponsored by the HCC
  • take select courses with other first year Pre – Health Professions LC students

Connected Courses:  
Fall: Freshmen Seminar 1000,  Introduction to Biology and Lab
Spring: General Chmeistry and Lab