Staff Council

Past Star Employees


Keats Ellis, Employee of the Quarter

Star Employee of the Quarter, Keats Ellis

 “Keats is a long time employee of the University who is always willing to go above and beyond the call of duty.  He never hesitates when asked to accept additional responsibilities and is always willing to stay late or come in early if needed.  He knows everyone on campus by name and is quick to learn newcomers and make them feel welcome.  Not only does he do his share for the Bookstore but he shares his talent of piano playing with various other departments by donating his time for various fundraising events on campus.  I believe that his customer service skills along with his dedication and team spirit qualify him to be Employee of the Quarter!”

 Star Employee of the Quarter, Patricia Fields

Patricia has an infectious personality and showcases her loyalty to UNCP in everything that she does. Her interests in providing the entire campus community with access to our state of the art facility while providing world class entertainment is impeccable. She attempts to accommodate every request from all facets of campus through complimentary tickets for campus functions (both internal and external), her service on campus committees, and her willingness to engage in constructive conversations related to enhancing GPAC programming is commendable. She is always professional and exudes outstanding customer service to all GPAC patrons. Patricia is a leader, a true Brave, and demonstrates a level of commitment that all staff should admire. Patricia leads and motivates a great team that's small in number but great in the number of performances and events they host in the facility. By nature of her position, her hours are extensive and she never skips a beat. Givens Performing Arts Center was rated as one of the top facilities on a college campus in the nation last year, a nationally recognized achievement. I'm honored to have the opportunity to work with and supervise Patricia.