Staff Council

Past Star Employees


Star Employee of the Quarter (July-Sept 2016), Tracy Dial   

Tracy Dial is one of the most dedicated employees on our campus. She has over 28 years of experience with the

Admissions Office. She is always willing to help other departments and is tasked with a heavy load. Her job can be

burdensome, because of the volume and urgency of getting student applications processed and all data based

information manually keyed and entered into two systems. Tracy often works 10 hours days and on the weekends.

She certainly demonstrates accountability and goes out of her way to make sure reports are complete and

accurate. Tracy will also stop what she is doing without complaint and help someone. She makes sacrifices to help

the entire enrollment team and does so many things outside of her normal job description to make sure processes

run smoothly. Tracy is irreplaceable in terms of her knowledge and ability. She rarely gets recognized for her

accomplishments and all that she contributes.