Staff Council

STAR Employee

The Employee Recognition Committee selects a Star Employee every three months from nominated staff. All SHRA and EHRA non-teaching staff are eligible to be nominated. The Star Employee will receive a gift from Staff Council, a reserved parking space, and have their photo displayed on the university marquee. All winners and nominees are eligible to win Employee of the Year. 



  Star Employee of the Quarter, Cheryl Rogers

“Cheryl is an amazing person who not only is outstanding at her job, but cares deeply for the Pembroke community -- she embodies UNCP's values.  Well before the last quarter,she kept everything together at the Incubator, during a period of organizational upheaval with the loss of three key leaders. In the last quarter, she has worked tirelessly to help me come up to speed in my new position as Executive Director.  She not only has immense capacity for many tasks, but is not afraid to speak up regarding rules and regulations we all should learn and follow, and what she thinks is the right thing to do.  During the past quarter, she managed 5 clients housed in the Incubator,close to10 more in the community, over 30 events with over 1,500 participants. She is always thinking of ways to build the Incubator, for example, recommended several
ways to connect to the Lumberton business community, a key initiative for us.  Importantly, during this quarter she kept us all together after the Incubator was flooded out, moving rapidly in to a temporary space in the Business School, monitoring the renovation of the Incubator and then moving us back in with little disruption to our mission.  Cheryl is also a very good person with an enormous heart.  I know during the weekends she cooks for local shelters, and has increased that activity to serve the many folks still suffering from Hurricane Matthew.  She organized a toy drive which netted over 30 Christmas toys, and organized collection for the Empty Stocking fund which netted $671 for that charity; It was a huge success.  In my mind, Cheryl works well beyond her job description, and I deeply believe this Incubator would not be able to help those businesses in the area that need it, without her dedication, smarts, and caring.  She truly is an amazing person, and I strongly recommend her for Employee of the Quarter.”