Staff Council

STAR Employee

The Employee Recognition Committee selects a Star Employee every three months from nominated staff. All SHRA and EHRA non-teaching staff are eligible to be nominated. The Star Employee will receive a gift from Staff Council, a reserved parking space, and have their photo displayed on the university marquee. All winners and nominees are eligible to win Employee of the Year. 

 gary locklear_employee_of_the_1stquarter

    Star Employee of the 1st Quarter (January-March 2017),

    Gary Locklear

“Gary L. Locklear has been with the university for about 18 years working with the grounds department. Gary is the employee you see every day keeping our campus clean by collecting the trash.

Gary is so dedicated to his job duties that he can tell you how many cans are on campus, how many bags he collects daily and weekly, how much weight in trash he collects daily.  He also has enough pride in his

job that he keeps those cans washed and sprayed withdisinfectant, also carries a leaf blower with him to help keep areas around cans neat and clean. 

Gary is a great employee, hard worker, team player, caring friend to work with and will tell anyone to NEVER BE EMBARASSED of your job!  This is why Gary is worthy to be Brave Nations’ January-March 2017 Employee of the Quarter!