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REG 11.25.05 - Health and Safety in Student Housing Regulation

NOTICE: This policy/regulation is presented in its format as of the date of posting to this website. The university is in the process of conducting a thorough review of all its policies and regulations. This policy/regulation has not yet been reviewed/vetted in accordance with REG 01.20.01.

Authority: Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs


  • First issued:
  • Revised: Prior to 2005
  • Last revised: March 23, 2012

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Contact Information: Director of Housing and Residence Life, 910-775-4253


1.1 Health and safety regulations have been established for the protection of students, staff, and property. Failure to comply with these regulations will be cause for disciplinary action, including exclusion from on-campus student housing.


2.1 Open flame candles, incense, propane stoves, gas and electric grills, charcoal grills, propane and gas canisters, and charcoal and lighter fluid are not permitted in residence hall/apartment rooms, hallways, breezeways, porches, or roof areas.

2.2 Electric frying pans, open coiled appliances, oil lamps, electric or kerosene heaters, deep fat cookers, and cooking with or extracting of grease are prohibited in residence hall rooms. In the apartments, use of cooking appliances is permitted in the kitchen area and must be attended to and monitored when in use.

2.3 All residents must evacuate the residence hall when a fire alarm is sounded. Evacuate by using the stairs and the nearest outside exit door.

2.4 Bathrooms, hallways, and breezeways must be kept clear of personal belongings and other objects that create a safety hazard.

2.5 Jamming doors or purposely hindering the exit of residents from their room or building is prohibited.

2.6 Cigarettes must be extinguished in appropriate places.

2.7 Room screens may not be removed, opened, or tampered with at any time with the exception of situations of imminent danger or when authorized personnel are installing air conditioners. At no time should a window be left opened and unlocked when the room is vacant.

2.8 Vending machines should not be shaken, tilted, abused, or moved.

2.9 Water beds are not permitted in residence hall/apartment rooms.

2.10 Excluding apartments, ceiling fans, freezers, and oversized refrigerators are prohibited.

2.11 Throwing objects from windows, breezeways, and porches is prohibited.

2.12 Decorations are prohibited on ceilings and egress doors.

2.13 Halogen lamps are not permitted in the residence halls/apartments.

2.14 Any internal combustion engine, any acids, automobile batteries, and gasoline are not permitted in the residence halls/apartments.

2.15 Firearms or other weapons and fireworks are not permitted in the residence halls/apartments.

2.16 Microwaves are not permitted in North and Belk Hall rooms until such time that electrical upgrades are made in those residential facilities.