Faculty Senate

Faculty Awards Committee

Chair: Joe Sciulli



  • Nancy Palm, ARTS
  • Joe Sciulli, EDUC
  • Ginny Garnett, LETT
  • Dennis Edgell, NSM
  • Chris Ziemnowicz, SBS
  • Roger Guy, At-Large
  • Olivia Oxendine, At-Large

Committee Description

The Faculty Awards Committee regularly reviews the criteria, guidelines, and procedures for nomination and selection relating to all faculty awards, and recommends changes to the Faculty Senate. The Committee publicizes the availability of the awards. The Committee receives nominations and votes to select recipients of the following awards, using criteria, guidelines and procedures defined by the donors and by the Faculty Senate: UNC Board of Governer's Award for excellence in teaching; UNCP Teaching Awards; Faculty Emeritus; and the Adolph L. Dial Endowed Faculty Awards for Scholarship/Creative Work and for Community Service.

Description of Awards and Eligibility

Board of Govenors Award Recipients

Outstanding Teaching Award Recipients

Dial Award Recipients

Distinguished Professor Recipients



The Faculty Awards Committee meets on an as-needed basis according to the timelines set for the various awards.

NOTE: The Faculty Awards Committee has suspended posting agendas and minutes.