Faculty Senate

Curriculum Subcommittee

Chair: Jaime Martinez



  • Jaime Martinez (LETT)
  • Nathan Thomas (ARTS) 
  • Irina Falls (EDUC) 
  • Mary Ash (NSM) 
  • John Lillis (SBS)
  • Naomi Lifshitz-Grant (ARTS)
  • Marian Wooten (EDUC)
  • Monika Brown (LETT) 
  • Roland Stout (NSM) 
  • Tracy Cooper (SBS) 
  • Elizabeth Normandy, Office of Academic Affairs
  • Natricia Drake, University Registrar
  • Ayanna Edwards, SGA Senator
  • Alexandra Cole, Secretary of SGA



The Subcommittee on Curriculum examines all proposals and policies relating to curriculum and shall make recommendations to the Academic Affairs Committee on their adoption. The Committee is responsible for sending to the Academic Affairs Committee all information pertaining to each individual course which is necessary for the computer data bank.


The Committee meets on the first Thursday of each month. 

 As of February 2, 2017, all proposals must be completed using Curriculog. A Curriculog Quick Guide is available here

The following forms are no longer in use, but may be helpful for informational and planning purposes.