University Communications and Marketing

Licensing & Trademark

In 2012, UNC Pembroke partnered with Learfield Licensing Partners, formerly Strategic Marketing Affiliates, Inc. (SMA), to license the University’s marks (logos and seals) to assure quality and to control usage of those marks. Trademark licensing creates cooperative working relationships between UNCP, the manufacturers of approved and authorized products and the retail community. It ensures that all merchandise bearing the university’s marks promote and protect the image of the university while fulfilling the needs of consumers.

The Department of University Communications and Marketing manages the retail and trademark licensing programs. If you are a vendor interested in retailing merchandise with official UNCP logos, the first step is to become a licensed vendor through our program's manager.

Any items ordered by campus departments which incorporate UNCP trademarks (excluding printed material*) must use a licensed vendor. You can find the list of currently licensed vendors here.

* Maintaining the integrity of UNCP’s marks on printed materials is also important to our branding initiative. Because UNCP already has in place policies requiring printed materials to be obtained via Print Services, the oversight for proper usage of UNCP marks on printed materials will continue to be handled by Print Services.

Requests for plaques, trophies, banners, pins, etc., which are not subject to royalties but do utilize UNCP’s marks or name, shall also be processed through Print Services. Print Services’ normal pricing policies will continue.

As always, state purchasing policies must be followed.

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