University Communications and Marketing

Marketing and Advertising

Advertising for the university is coordinated through University Communications and Marketing. Executive Director prepares and executes an annual strategic advertising plan to increase awareness about the university and to encourage inquiries by prospective students. The department also coordinates marketing initiatives via social media and other communication methods.


Marketing directors with the Givens Performing Arts Center and the Athletics Department develop their own advertising and marketing strategies, but coordinate with UCM to assure that resources are being effectively used.


If individual departments want to promote specific programs, Executive Director will assist them in determining how to best market the program and coordinate any adverting buys; however the department is responsible for any expenditures. Regardless of whether the department requests assistance, all ads and promotional materials should be approved by either Executive Director or Director of Creative Services David Ybarra to be sure the messaging and graphics are consistent and meet the university’s standards.


For more detailed information please contact the University Communications and Marketing Department at 910-521-6533.