Institutional Research

Space Utilization

The Office of Institutional Research (IR) collects and reports (to UNC General Administration) facilities and utilization data. The facilities (building and room) inventory is collected in the fall of each year.  UNC General Administration uses this data along with information about the use of buildings and rooms to generate space utilization reports.

List of UNCP Buildings

Latest available UNCP Utilization Data

Space utilization data consists not only of how often classes meet but also of how space and rooms are used.  Space use falls into several categories such as classrooms, laboratories, offices, study facilities, special use facilities, etc.  Within these general categories are more specific room uses, each of which is given a specific numerical designation based on its primary functional use.  For a list of room use codes and definitions, please access the documents linked below:
Room Use Codes
Room Use Definitions

Because it is critical that accurate data is collected and reported, IE staff must be informed when rooms and spaces on campus are changed, either in actual physical dimensions (due to remodeling or construction) or in type of use (e.g., a classroom converted to offices or a conference room converted to a classroom). 

Space Change Form: COMING SOON!

Additional information on facilities and space utilization within the UNC system may be viewed  on the General Administration webpages linked below:

Facilities Inventory & Utilization Study:

Interactive Facilities Inventory & Utlization Reports

State of North Carolina Facilities Inventory and Utilization Manual

Facilities and Utilization Presentation