Human Resources

Liberty Mutual


Booklet (PDF - requires Adobe Reader)

Summary of Benefits

Eligibility: All full-time active employees working 30 hours or more a week and participating in the Teachers' and State Employees' Retirement System (TSERS)

Plan 1: Employees with less than 5 years of TSERS membership 66 2/3%

Plan 2: Employees with 5 years or more of TSERS membership 1 2/3% or 16 2/3% of first $6,000 to a basic monthly earnings total replacement of 66 2/3%

Plan Design Features:

  • 90 day elimination period (the number of days of disability before qualifying for a benefit)
  • $10,000 Maximum Monthly Benefit
  • Minimum Monthly Benefit: The greater of $100 or 10%of gross monthly benefit.
  • 3 month survivor benefit
  • 3 year own occupation/any gainful Occupation after 3 years
  • Partial Disability
  • 3/6/12/ pre-existing condition exclusion
  • Mental Illness, Alcohol & Drug Abuse - 24 months Limitation, unless confined in a hospital or mental institution.
  • Offsets: - Benefits received from the State of North Carolina Disability Income Plan, Workers' Compensation, Primary/Family Social Security, Retirement Benefits received under TSERS


How to calculate your cost
Plan 1 Monthly Salary X .0056 = Monthly Premium
Plan 2 Monthly Salary X .0021 = Monthly Premium

The above are only the highlights to this plan. For more details on this coverage, how it coordinates with your TSERS plan and how to enroll, please consult the office of Human Resources.