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Tuition Waiver/Employee Educational Options/Rules

Human Resources Policy HR 10 01 (Revised 12/18/06)

Purpose: To provide professional and personal development for UNCP employees.

Scope: The policy and procedures described herein apply to all  permanent employees who work 30 or more hours per week and have completed their probationary period. The policy applies to all courses, undergraduate and graduate, taken at UNCP as well as other institutions that are a part of The University of North Carolina system. Application or pre-registration procedures may differ among the UNC institutions. It is the employee's responsibility to be familiar with and to comply with applicable procedures.

Policy: This policy is authorized by the University Board of Governors per G.S. 116-143(d) and incorporates UNCP determined policies on educational leave.

1. Tuition (defined herein to include tuition and regular UNCP fees) may be waived for up to two courses (not to exceed four credit hours per course) per fiscal year and are available during any semester with appropriate management approval. Tuition waiver applies to summer school for night courses only. The maximum courses that may receive tuition waivers are two per fiscal year.

2.   Enrollment in courses should be during the employee’s non-working hours to limit interference with the employee’s normal employment obligations.  If a course is directly related to an employee’s job requirement and/or is a requirement for completion of a degree, the Financial Manager may authorize an exception (limited to one exception per semester).

3. An  exception must be documented in a written plan which describes how the missed work time will be made up, either by working a flexible schedule and/or by using accrued leave.  However, if the employment obligations of the employee’s position continually prevent the employee from enrolling in courses, the employee may appeal the decision of the Financial Manager's disapproval to the UNCP Grievance Committee.

4. The employee must maintain minimum scholastic requirements, as stated under Academic Policies and Procedures in the University Catalog, to participate in the tuition waiver program.

5. If the  course(s) allowed  is taken off campus, the hours away from the work place shall not exceed the hours required to take the same or similar course on campus. If additional time off is required, it shall be documented in the written plan as flexible work hours or reported as leave.

6. Application for tuition waiver must be made at least two weeks prior to the beginning of the semester. The application must be approved by the employee's supervisor, the appropriate department head, and the Director of Human Resources, or Human Resources designee.

7. Waiver forms submitted for approval after the course begins  will not be approved.

8. Employees are eligible for tuition waiver even if they are eligible for and are receiving non-repayable financial aid (Pell Grant, Scholarship, etc.).

9. Assistance is not granted for costs of transportation, graduation, examinations, supplies, textbooks, or any other special fees.

10. Additional employee support shall not be provided to the department by UNCP staff during normal work hours.

Procedures 1. Prior to applying for tuition waiver for a course, the employee must be accepted by the Admissions Office of the institution offering the course of study. It is the employee's responsibility to meet admission requirements for enrolling or re-enrolling in the institution.

2. UNCP Tuition Waiver Application forms are available from the Human Resources Department or at:,  Forms must be completed per the instructions contained on the form.  If enrolling at another UNC institution, applicant may be required to provide an original form.  Two original forms will need to be completed and forwarded by the applicant.  

3. The tuition waiver form(s) must be approved by the immediate financial manager and the appropriate department head prior to submitting it to the Human Resources Department for approval and processing.  If the employee is taking a course at another UNC institution two original forms must be submitted to Human Resources. 

4. Upon receipt of the tuition waiver form(s), Human Resources will review it to determine that the eligibility requirements for receiving educational assistance are met by the employee. If the individual is eligible for tuition waiver, Human Resources will retain an original copy of the authorized form, return a copy or second original form to the employee, and/or send a copy to UNCP Student Accounts.  If the employee is ineligible for tuition waiver, the application form(s) will be returned to the employee through the appropriate department head.

5. Employees taking classes at UNCP will register (or pre-register if currently enrolled) in the same manner as other students. After receiving the semester's bill, the employee should review their bill to ensure the tuition waiver was applied against the bill and/or contact Student Accounts if an error is found.

6. Employees who decide not to take a course for which they have registered are required to follow the established procedures for withdrawal from the class, as outlined in the University's catalog under academic regulations.

7. If the employee is enrolling at another UNC institution, an original tuition waiver form (or similar form required by the respective institution) shall be returned to the employee.  An original copy of this form shall be filed with UNCP's Office of Human Resources.  All  contact with other UNC institutions shall be between the applicant and the enrolling institution.

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