Finance and Administration

Travel Agent

Controller's Office Policy CO 03 93

Purpose: To positively impact travel costs.

Scope: Applies to all UNCP departments.

Policy: Effective February 1, 1994, Safe Harbor Business Travel is UNCP's designated travel agent. The Sanford Office is UNCP's point of contact for business travel and can be reached at 800-521-6045. The representative is Linda Vazquez (

All official University business air travel plus associated lodging and vehicle rental contracted for faculty, staff, and/or students should be placed through this agency. Wright Travel will have all appropriate names of individuals who are eligible to charge services directly to The University of North Carolina at Pembroke. Allowed contractual exceptions are as follows:

       l.  if air travel is originated from a location outside the State, making it impractical to arrange for air travel through UNCP's contracted agency;

       2. if air travel or other services are part of a package arranged by an organization scheduling a meeting or conference.

All other travel rules and regulations will apply including the fact that your approved Travel Request/Authorization formmust be filed with the supervising Department Head prior to actually making plane, hotel, and/or rental car reservations. Please call Kasey Jones at ext. 5739 in the UNCP Accounts Payable Office with any questions about processing travel requests and/or reimbursements.