Finance and Administration

Refund Policy

REG 07.55.01

Authority: Office of the Bursar


  • First Issued: May 15, 2002.
  • Revised: April 23, 2012.
  • Last Revised: July 11, 2012.

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Contact Info: Office of the Bursar, 910-775-4082

1.1 The Refund Regulation (effective May 15, 2002) is used to determine a student's eligibility for a refund when there is a change in the student's status regarding tuition, required fees, housing, and food services; i.e., withdrawal, drop in hours, moving on or off campus, etc. 2. SCOPE 2.1 This regulation applies to all current and incoming new students of The University of North Carolina at Pembroke.
(This regulation is subject to change.)


4.1 Withdrawals.Tuition and fees, including room and board will be refunded per the following schedules, provided a student officially withdraws from the university.

4.1.1 Fall and Spring Semesters

Prior to first day of classes or 1 through 5 calendar days

100% of charges paid

6 through 12 calendar days

90% of charges paid

13 through 30 calendar days

50% of charges paid

31 through 60 calendar days

25% of charges paid

After 60 calendar days

No refund


4.1.2 First and Second Summer Sessions and Non-Traditional Courses        

Prior to first day of classes or 1 through 2 calendar days

100% of charges paid

3 through 8 calendar days

80% of charges paid

9 through 16 calendar days

50% of charges paid

After 16 calendar days

No refund


4.1.3 Intra Session

Prior to first day of classes

100% of charges paid

1 through 6 calendar days

50% of charges paid

After 6 calendar days

No refund


4.2 UNCP begins counting calendar days with the first official day of classes (not the first day of particular classes). A completed withdrawal form must be filed with the Registrar’s Office. Forms for withdrawal during the first six (6) weeks of the semester, the first nine (9) calendar days of first and second summer sessions, and the first six (6) calendar days of intra session may be obtained from the Registrar’s Office. After these times, forms may be obtained from the Office for Academic Affairs.
4.3 Reducing Hours. Students who officially drop from full-time to part-time status or those who drop to a lower block of credit hours will receive a refund equal to the difference between the amount paid and the charge for the block of hours for which the student is officially registered at the end of the registration (drop-add) period. Refunds for withdrawing or reducing hours will be processed after the registration period. A refund will only be issued for reducing hours or withdrawing from a class while still attending other classes at the university, if the reduction or class withdrawal is completed during the drop/add period.

4.4 Please allow two weeks for processing of any refund. A student receiving financial aid will not receive a refund until the Financial Aid Office determines if any funds from an awarding agency must be returned. If a return is required, withdrawal may result in a student liability to the university.


5.1 Individuals must contact the chair of the Student Services Committee to request a refund appeal. Appeals for refund of tuition are exceptions to this regulation and are only approved in exceptional cases. Any student appealing for refund of tuition must complete and submit the proper paperwork.

5.2 Approval is not automatic, and you need to provide documented evidence to support your request.

5.3 Acceptable reasons may include: 1) death in immediate family; 2) serious illness or injury of student or immediate family; and 3) factors outside of student’s control (for example, major employment change, fire, flood). Changing your mind about college, poor academic performance, disciplinary withdrawal, or not receiving expected financial assistance are considered to be the result of personal choices and actions and will not be considered for a refund after the normal deadline. Failure to comply with published deadlines or regulations is not a serious and compelling reason to seek a refund and will not be approved.


6.1 The university will refund all but $25 of the room deposit to incoming new students if written cancellation is received by July 31, preceding the fall semester and November 30, preceding the spring semester. The room deposit is nonrefundable after these deadlines.

6.2 The $150 room deposit (less damages and/or any other financial obligations owed The University of North Carolina at Pembroke) will be refunded to established residents provided the resident submits written cancellation by November 30, preceding the spring semester and by July 15, preceding the fall semester. Established residents must follow check-out procedures as detailed in the Student Handbook to ensure an appropriate refund of the room deposit.

6.3 If a student withdraws from the university prior to mid-semester, the room deposit will be forfeited. If the student withdraws after the mid-semester, the room deposit (less damages) will be refunded, provided check-out procedures have been followed.