Personal Safety Tips

Do not let people into a locked building or office unless you work with them or they have been properly identified. This is especially important at all entranceways and elevators at residence halls. If the person insists, call the Campus Police at 521.6235.


Contact Campus Police at 521.6235 if you receive suspicious calls or see suspicious people roaming on campus.


Always keep the door locked when you are alone in your office or residence hall room.


Don’t investigate a suspicious noise or person by yourself.


Keep a list of important emergency numbers with you.


Never walk alone at night. Always walk in groups and maintain an alert and confident manner, actively paying attention to your surroundings.


Always choose the best-lit and most-traveled paths regardless of the time of day or night.


Be aware of obstacles and unsafe areas. A college campus is a busy area. Always cross streets at crosswalks. Obey signs and warnings about construction areas.


Remember that online safety is also vital. Be smart about information you post on services like MySpace, Facebook, or other Internet community sites. Don’t post your phone number or address, and be mindful of the possibility of online stalking. Report any suspicious contacts or incidents to the police. 


Campus Emergency Phones