Welcoming Words

Tom Ross, UNC President
As a Pembroke native, a Lumbee and former chair of the UNC Pembroke Board of Trustees, Robin understands the university’s rich history, and he is passionate about the larger role UNCP can play in the region and the state. With his broad experience, his profound appreciation for the institution, and his demonstrated commitment to scholarship and public service, Robin Cummings will be a forceful and effective leader for UNCP.


Dick Taylor, UNC Board of Governors
I was very honored to make the motion to elect Robin. I served with him on the UNCP Board of Trustees, and I know he is very capable. I am very pleased to see him at the university, and I feel he will be very successful.


Dr. Wiley Barrett, Chair, Chancellor’s Search Committee
I was pleased and honored to have been chair of the nominating committee. It was something we knew we had to get right for this university. I want to thank the members of the committee for their tireless efforts, which paid off in getting the right person at the right time for this school. I have seen in just a few weeks how Dr. Cummings has reached out to staff, faculty, community and legislators to take us forward. It really is exciting to be part of it.


Dr. Richard Vela, English Faculty, Chancellor’s Search Committee
It was especially heartening to see so many strong applicants for the position of chancellor.  We had a wide range of candidates from all over the country, a diverse group any way you want to count them. Chancellor Robin Cummings is a remarkable person with a remarkably appropriate set of skills and experiences that make him perfect for this university at this moment in time. Because of his extraordinary background, he is perhaps uniquely positioned to help us in developing our offerings in healthcare, developing our program in Southeastern American Indian Studies and in building a better relationship with Raleigh, where he has already been successful in dealing with bureaucratic complexities.


Terry Locklear, Staff Representative, Chancellor’s Search Committee
As a graduate of UNCP, I was honored to be selected as a search committee member. I recognized that the future of our institution hinged upon the recommendation of this committee, and that we had an awesome responsibility. After spending many hours in careful deliberation, we could not have made a better recommendation. It is no secret that Dr. Cummings loves this institution, and I feel strongly that he is unequivocally the right person for the position at this time in our history.


Paul Brooks, Lumbee Tribal Chairman
The Search Committee made an excellent selection in Dr. Cummings. Robin Cummings has a proven track record in the area of leadership. Dr. Cummings has the qualities needed to lead this university in a positive direction. We are very proud to say that we have a Lumbee at the helm of our esteemed university. Dr. Cummings has a deep appreciation for this university and its history. We look forward to continuing our relationship between the (Lumbee) tribal government and the university. Dr. Cummings is someone who is equipped with the ability to build and maintain strong community relations and partnerships from local government to national organizations.


Charles Graham, NC State Representative
I’m excited about the opportunity to work with Chancellor Cummings, especially on legislation to promote and grow the curriculum and programs at the university. No doubt, he is prepared to meet the many challenges that will confront him. Chancellor Cummings knows the communities surrounding the university, has knowledge of the area, knows the will of the people and sees the needs of the community.


Tyler Thomas, Pembroke Town Manager
The Town of Pembroke looks forward to working closely with Chancellor Cummings to bolster the relationship between The University of North Carolina at Pembroke and the local community. UNCP is and will continue to be a great asset, resource and partner for the town. We appreciate Dr. Cummings’ vision for growth and improvement, and we will work together to make changes that  benefit the entire Pembroke community.