Budget Information

Message from Chancellor Kyle R. Carter

Campus Community,

UNC Pembroke has initiated this Web site to inform our constituents about budget updates.

This site provides readers with up-to-date information about the ongoing fiscal crisis and how it affects our University. It keeps the community abreast of news and evolving budget information and restrictions, reports, frequently asked questions, comments and financial information from UNCP, the Office of the Governor, the General Assembly and UNC General Administration.

Again, I want to thank you for maintaining a positive outlook during this time.

Knowing the resilience and resourcefulness of the UNC Pembroke community, I know that we will weather this economic crisis and continue to provide a quality education for our students.


Kyle R. Carter 

Budget Suggestion Box

  • Submit your suggestions, ask your questions, or offer your comments about the budget reduction process

2013-14 Budget

UNCP Budget Leaders Meeting August 6, 2013


UNCP BAC meeting January 17, 2012

  • General Administration Website
    • For information pertaining to discussion at the UNCP BAC meeting January 17, 2012:
      • highlight “leadership”
      • click on “Board of Governors”
      • click on “pre meeting materials”
      • look for the date of the meeting, in this case “January 13, 2012.




2011-12 BUDGET