UNCP Bookstore FAQ’s(Faculty/Staff)

UNCP Bookstore FAQ’s(Faculty/Staff) 


Who do I contact for Textbook Info? 

The first point of contact for textbooks is Josh Lane.  He can be reached at 910.521.6640 or  

Please contact Katina Brown at 910.521.6692 or if Josh is unavailable.  


When are textbook adoptions due? 

Textbook adoption timeline: 


  • Fall book adoptions are due April 15th.  

  • Spring book adoptions are due October 15th. 

  • Summer book adoptions are due March 15th. 


The bookstore needs the book adoptions in a timely manner for several reasons. 

  • To keep University in compliance with HEOA 

  • To source used books 

  • To give students the most during the buyback period 

  • For students to be able to use Financial Aid to purchase textbooks and/or required materials 


What options are available to adopt for classes? 

  1. Available options for textbooks: 


  • Textbooks, which can be available in new/used, or rental (Follett offers a much larger rental program than previously offered at bookstore) 


  • Older editions can be requested.  However, we prefer to use the most current edition.  If an old edition is requested we will contact the faculty member to discuss what steps to take next.   


  • If book cannot be sourced through our used marketplaces, we will contact LAD, a custom text provider, to get copyright permissions.   

  • Bookstore will then contact faculty member to give pricing information (based on copyright charges) from LAD and determine if using the old edition is feasible.  


  • Textbook bundles, which can include multiple texts, or access codes can be ordered.  Typically, the faculty member partners with the publisher rep to build the ISBN.  The rep and/or faculty member then gives that information to the bookstore.   


  • Digital textbooks, which can be a physical access card, or part of Follett's digital collection with our partner Brytewave (Follett offers more digital titles than previously offered at bookstore) 



  • OER (open educational resource) will be available through Follett Discover Adopt which will be available for test in the late Spring 2018 and ready to roll out for Fall 2018.  Examples of OER providers available in Follett Discover are:  YouTube, openstax, lumen, Merlot, and 



  1. Non-text materials required for classes 


  • If any non-text materials, such as art supplies, labcoats, or nursing supplies are required please add this information to your book adoption.   

  • If a special kit for a class needs to be created contact Josh Lane at 910.521.6640 or for assistance.  




Are there any titles that can only be adopted as digital? 

There are 49 titles from Pearson Publishing Company that we can only source currently as a digital book and not a physical book.  Follett is in current talks with Pearson to come to an agreement on being able to provide these books.  A link will be provided with the list of titles. 


Who do I contact for Special Clothing/Gift Requests? 

  • Please call or email Katina Brown at 910.521.6692 or for any special clothing/gift requests such as uniforms, name badges, t-shirts, glassware, etc.  


  • Clothing/gift requests can take 6-8 weeks to process. 


  • We have a custom website that you can visit for pricing and/or to see what is available.  The site is 


Who do I contact for Commencement/Graduation info? 

Contact Jessica Smid or Katina Brown at 910.521.6222 for information on how to rent or purchase your regalia. 



Who do I contact at the bookstore for special events? 

Please contact Katina Brown at 910.521.6692 or or Jake Johnson at 910.521.4345 or for any special events. 


General Bookstore Info 

  1. We offer a price match program.  Prices are matched against Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or a local campus competitor up to $100 per book. (excludes Amazon’s warehouse deals, deals of the day and peer-to-peer marketplaces)  

  • The price match is verified at the registers at the time of checkout. 

  • The price being matched must be the advertised price within a 7 day timeframe.  

  1. We offer daily buyback. 

  1. We offer a coupon on each receipt if you fill out the survey information. 

  1. We offer a 10% daily discount for Faculty/Staff on clothing, gifts, and supplies. (must present UNCP ID) 

  1. We offer a 20% departmental purchase discount on clothing, gifts, and supplies.  (Must use University P-Card or requisition from purchasing to get discount)