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March 30-April 2, 2015
Easter Egg Hunt
Find an egg hidden in the Bookstore and take it to the cashier to claim your pirze. No purchase necessary.
Easter Egg Sale
When you spend $5.00 or more at the Bookstore you may pick an egg from our *discount basket and save 10-25% on your entire purchase.  *Discounts do not apply to textbooks, technology products, computer software nor previously discounted merchandise.

All Hallmark Greeting Cards are 50% off while supplies last.


Linens program

The UNCP Bookstore sponsors this convenient and reliable way to purchase hard to find speciality bedding and other room necessities, all guaranteed until graduation.

Check out our Complete Campus Value Pak. This 26-piece Value Pak is your best deal, save over $80!

Two complete changes of linens in two coordinating colors. We offer free shipping and our products are guaranteed to fit. We have over 40 color combinations.

Visit us online to view our full product line and for more Value Pak savings.





 The end of the semester is quickly approaching and we at the Bookstore are working hard to prepare for a smooth graduation. With this in mind, we are now taking rental regalia orders for the May 8th & 9th commencement ceremonies.


If you need to rent regalia and have not rented in the past, please stop by the UNCP Bookstore to fill out a rental form prior to Thursday, March 12, 2015. If you have rented regalia before and need to rent again, you may simply email me at or contact the Bookstore at 521-6222. 


Regalia delivery cannot be guaranteed for any orders placed after March 12, 2015. Late orders will be accessed a $45.00 processing fee.

The rental fees are as listed below:





Doctorate Degree

Tam, Tassel, Gown & Hood               $84.95

Hard Cap, Tassel, Gown & Hood      $71.95

Cap, Tassel & Gown                           $38.95

Hood Only                                          $33.95

Gown Only                                         $27.95


Master’s Degree

Cap, Tassel, Gown & Hood                $60.95

Cap, Tassel & Gown                           $31.95

Hood Only                                          $28.95

Gown Only                                         $24.95


Bachelor’s Degree

Cap, Tassel, Gown & Hood                $54.95

Cap, Tassel & Gown                           $28.95

Hood Only                                          $25.95

Gown Only                                         $20.95





The UNCP Bookstore now offers a Textbook Rental Program.

Rental Agreement (given to students):
You understand that you are renting (not purchasing) the textbooks listed above and must return them to this bookstore location no later than May 6, 2015. Failure to return rented textbooks by the due date will be considered intent to purchase, and your credit card will be charged the difference between the rental price already paid, and full retail price, plus 20%.. Minimal highlighting and writing is allowed. Books must be returned in good condition and free of excessive damage. Excessive damage is any damage that would prevent another student from reasonably being able to use and gain the full learning value from the textbook (water damage, mold, missing covers, missing pages, destroyed text on pages, and the like). Books returned with excessive damage will prevent a successful rental return, and
you will be charged the difference between the rental price, and full retail value (new or used depending on the condition prior to rental).

Refund Policy:
1. A valid cash register receipt must be presented.
2. New books must be in original, pristine condition unopened and unmarked.
3. Shrink‐wrapped, boxed texts, software or packages must not be opened.
4. The UNCP Bookstore return policy will apply to all rented textbooks.  Fall & Spring textbooks are eligible for a refund within the first 7 days of the semester.  All textbooks rented after the first 7 days of the semester are considered final and no refunds will be granted. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
1. How do I return my books?
Easy. Books are returned to the cashier at the Rental Counter in the exact same way you would return
a purchased textbook. The cashier will then clear your account.
2. What if I drop my class or change my mind and need to return my rented book early?
No problem. Returns on rentals follow the same return policy as book purchases.  Refunds will be given according to the following conditions and dates:
1) A valid cash register receipt is presented. 
2) New books must be in the original selling condition.  A full refund cannot be given for textbooks that have been written in, had the plastic removed, or have been damaged in any way. 
3) Textbooks are returned to the Rental Counter within 48 hours after the course is dropped and a copy of the drop slip is provided.
4) Refunds for dropped course will only be issued the first 4 weeks of the semester. 
3. Can I write or highlight in my rented book?
Yes, but keep it reasonable. Minimal highlighting and writing is accepted as long as text on pages is not
compromised for future use. Books must be returned in good condition, suitable for the next student to
purchase or rent.
4. What if my rented book gets damaged or lost?
If your book gets damaged beyond reasonable use, lost, or stolen, your options are as follows:
Pay the difference between the rental price and the purchase price of the textbook (i.e. if you rented the
book for $50, and the retail price was $95, you would pay an additional $45 to the bookstore as opposed
to returning the book)
You can acquire a replacement copy in as good or better condition to turn in to the bookstore as a
replacement to the lost or damaged book.
5. Can I use student aid to rent my books?
Rentals can be processed with Cash, Check, Credit/Debit, Student Financial Aid and/or Braves Dollars



For more information on buyback, please view our Buyback Information located on our Textbooks page.

Fall 2014 End of Semester Textbook Buyback List (Prices are tentative based on meeting quantity demands!!!)

Summer/Fall Buyback Dates: May 4th - 8th

Textbook Services Counter
Monday - Thursday 9am - 7pm
Friday 9am - 4pm

Trailer in Dial Parking Lot
Monday - Thursday 9am - 5pm
Friday 9am - 2pm


DO NOT sell back your Rental Textbooks.
They must be returned to the Textbook Rental Kiosk/Counter just as they were purchased.
Daily buybackis held in the Bookstore.
January 22, 2015-until Exam week.

The UNCP Bookstore now offers our students, faculty and staff Microsoft family of software products at substainial discounted educational pricing. The Student Select Agreement is open to currently enrolled UNCP students, and faculty/staff. A Banner ID must be presented before buying this software and license.

NEW!!! MS Office 365 University(2 PCs/Macs for 4 yrs) $79.99
Office Mac 2008 License $60.00
Office Mac 2008 Media $7.30
Windows 7 Pro 32 bit License $63.80
Windows 7 Pro 32 bit Media $26.65
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit License $70.65
Windows 7 Ulitmate 64 bit Media $20.00
Windows Vista Ultimate License $93.30
Windows Vista Ulitmate Media $13.30
Windows Vista Business License $68.00
Windows Vista Business Media $9.30
Publisher 2007 Work at Home Media $6.20

To order please stop by the UNCP Bookstore or you can call the UNCP Bookstore at 910-521-6222. If you order by phone, you must submit a BraveWeb student schedule with your Banner ID for the current/upcoming semester at 910-521-6296.


What is Guaranteed Buyback ? A program for University of North Carolina Bookstores mandated by the UNC System General Administration to help reduce the cost of textbooks for students.
How does a book become a part of the Guaranteed Buyback Program? Academic Departments choose the books which will be a part of the program by committing to use the text for a minimum of three years.
What books are included? The books that are part of the program are identified with a sticker and a shelf tag. A listing of the books in the program is provided throughout the textbook department.
What if my book was purchased used? All books, new or used, which are in resalable condition and have a Guaranteed Buyback sticker, are bought back at half of the purchase price.
Will any other books be bought back for half of the purchase price? Yes, Many books that are re-adopted for the next semester will be bought back for half of the new price, regardless of the book being listed in the Guaranteed Buyback program and having a sticker.
Will I receive Guaranteed Buyback Pricing for books purchased and sold online from another entity? No, Guaranteed Buyback applies only to those books purchased from the UNCP Bookstore.
Where can I find out if my books are part of the program? Click here for a list.

The UNCP Bookstore would like to thank the Departments below for participating in the Guaranteed Buyback Program and for assisting us in reducing the cost of textbooks for UNCP students. By choosing to re-use textbooks from the previous semester, students will receive 50% of the purchase price at buyback on these titles and more used books will be available for students the following semester.


Please view our updated Returns Policy
Updated June 11, 2010

Textbooks may be returned for full credit within the first seven days of the Fall and Spring semesters, and within the first three days of the Summer I and II sessions. Textbooks for pre-sessions, intra sessions and all other abbreviated sessions are eligible for a refund within forty-eight hours of the beginning of the course. The original itemized cash register receipt is required for a refund during the Fall and Spring semesters. The original itemized cash register receipt and a copy of the student’s class schedule is required to obtain a refund during summer sessions. New books must be in the original selling condition. A full refund cannot be given for textbooks that have been written in, had the plastic removed, or have been damaged in any way. No refunds will be given on course pack materials or digital textbooks. Textbooks purchased after the seventh day of the Fall or Spring semesters or after the third day of a Summer I or II semester are considered FINAL SALES and no refunds will be given. 

Students who drop a course may return their books within 48 hours after the course is dropped, provided the Bookstore has not started processing returns. A copy of the student’s detailed schedule that reflects the dropped course and a receipt is required.  Returns processing starts four weeks after classes begin in the Fall and Spring semesters and two weeks after classes begin in the Summer sessions. 

General Merchandise may be returned for a full exchange up to two weeks from the date of purchase provided that it is accompanied by a cash register receipt.  Exceptions:  there are no refunds on magazines, technology products, opened ink cartridges, gift cards, iTunes cards, clearance merchandise, special orders or products marked “no returns.” 

Computer Software cannot be returned once the package has been opened.


Visit the UNCP Bookstore and visit with our Jostens College Ring Representatives that will help you select your class ring of distinction.
View our Ring Dates and Times Jostens College Ring Representatives will be in the UNCP Bookstore unless the following dates/times denote otherwise.
A College Ring Representative will not be available during June, July and early August.  They will return to the Bookstore after the start of the Fall semester.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Thursday, April 2, 2015 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.


Keep your memories close at hand with a custom UNC Pembroke ring from Jostens. Your ring-colelge pride, personalized by you. At this event only: save up to 40% on your ring purchase.

orders for graduation
Announcement Package
Spend less time and money with a convenient announcement package. Select packages starting at $89.05.

Missed us on campus? For over 100 years, our brand has delivered superior quality products. We offer fast and easy announcement packages to fit any budget and don't forget to design and order your college ring online!

Please visit Jostens for more information.



* Those students who do not attend Grad Finale can begin picking up their cap/gown April 2, 2015 during Regular Business hours.

If you would like to contact Jostens, in the meantime, please call 1-800-854-7464 for Jostens Consumer Customer Service Center assistance.
Shop online at

Please view our Reusable Shopping Bag Program now available at the UNCP Bookstore

Students who are enrolled in school part-time or full-time that are seeking employment with the Bookstore must apply online with the Career Center's Brave Opportunities web site. Applicants must apply throught the Brave Opportunities web site.